Eloy Firefighters Rescue Kittens from Engine Compartment

Alex Lewis

Eloy Firefighters Rescue Kittens from Engine Compartment

In Eloy, Arizona, firefighters don’t just rescue kittens from trees—they go the extra mile. Recently, they came to the aid of a tiny kitten stuck in a car engine. When they arrived on the scene, they could hear the kitten meowing, but it was a tough job getting it out. They had to take apart some of the car to reach the little guy!

After a bit of work, they managed to free the kitten, who they named Scooter after one of the firefighters. Scooter was happily reunited with its mom, and the firefighters put the car back together.

But that’s not the end of the story. One of the firefighters, Derrick Ethington, worried about what would happen to Scooter, its mom, and another kitten found nearby. They were going to be taken to an animal shelter.

Ethington didn’t want that fate for them, so he called his daughters to come and pick up the cats. Now, Scooter, the second kitten renamed “Shooter,” and their mom have a new home on his large property, where they can live as barn cats.

Although they still need some medical care and time to settle in, the firefighters are thrilled that this story has a happy ending.

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